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Two developers, one passion, on a mission to share their vision with the world.

David Wright @Derity

Artist and Game Designer

“I’m that guy theorycrafting OP character builds on forums for the latest RPG. Making my own game has always been the dream!

I have always been more interested in the art and design of games, through all the games and concepts I’ve contributed to in the past, none of them have had me as motivated and as passionate as Eitr does. This game is the one.

Blood, sweat & tears.

…Oh and I’m also the best Fight Night player in the world, come at me bro.”


Favourite Games: Dark Souls, Path of Exile, Diablo.

Derek Jeter learning a thing or two from David!

Tobi Harper @Aedous
Coder / Developer

“Been at it for a while now! Have developed games since I can remember, but never really the kind of games that I actually play, until now.

Spent the last few years working in the world of Web Development, where I picked up some interesting ideas and patterns that overall improved my ability to program in general, but I had always wanted to return to games.

Since I got my first console and made my first shmup, I knew. I just love gamedev.”


Favourite Games: Zelda, Street Fighter, Smash Bros.

Guess who...